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Supporting Learning

Personal Tutor Registered Study Laptops & Study Areas
All students will have a form group and a personal tutor. You will meet once every week and this is your first point of contact for support & guidance.

To support students with meeting deadlines & exam preparation, all students will have 3 registered study periods on their timetable. Students have the freedom to choose how they fit on their timetable at the start of the academic year.

From September 2022, all students will receive a laptop that can be used both in the Sixth Form and at home.

This gives you the flexibility to move between study areas and lessons throughout the day. 

Assessment & Intervention

Support Plans

SEND Support

Students will have Informal Assessment Points (IAPs) throughout the year to monitor their progress and inform intervention.

Students may be required to attend intervention sessions for subject specific support or for support with meeting deadlines.

We believe that Sixth Form plays a key role in in preparing students to make the transition to Post 18 education and the world of work.

We therefore have a Staged Support system in place which is there to help students catch up on missed deadlines,  improve attendance or behaviour. This is designed to support students as they would be in a workplace setting.

We welcome students with learning difficulties or disabilities and endeavour to make your experience of Sixth Form life a positive one. Our SEND team will work with you to develop your personalised support plan which will be reviewed at regular intervals and adjusted, according to your needs.
Financial Support

Rodillian Academy is committed to doing its best to help all students to access the education it provides and undertakes to help its students financially when possible. We have a small amount of funding to distribute for the purpose of discretionary student bursaries.  The discretionary bursary scheme covers expenses for example, laptop, travel, meals (if not eligible for free school meals), books and equipment.  

If you feel that you are in difficult financial circumstances, we would not want this to prevent you from getting the most out of your time with us and we will therefore consider applications for a discretionary bursary payment.

Please access the forms below for more information and the application forms